Hello there!

I’m a writer, reporter, learner, dad, husband, gardener. Professionally, I’m Communications Director at the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington. I support faculty and students in their research; run a website and social media accounts; create newsletters; and tell stories about the vigor & vitality of great scholarship and learning. I’m passionate about helping the work of others shine.

For fun, I write stories, essays, and book reviews; ride my bike; play with my kids; read; cheer the Sounders and the Cubs; pretend to know how to garden; pretend to know how to cook; pretend to know how to sing.

I’m available as a professional mentor for students and others who want to think about careers in communications and media; for freelance writing and editing; and for getting together to talk about storytelling, higher-ed and non-profit communications, and being ambassadors for stuff that matters.

Have a look around. Let me know if I can fill up your coffee.

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